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And so does your passion for investing in the next generation of leaders. We work closely with our business partners to co-create mutually beneficial opportunities.

Partner With Us

Partner With Us



$100,000 & $50,000

We have two exclusive opportunities to be a Generation Alive Champion Sponsor – at $100,000 & $50,000 annually. These key corporate sponsorships play a critical role in advancing our mission, developing compassionate leaders, and inspiring youth to do good in the world. Learn more. 



Generation Alive fundraising events take excellence & impact to the next level. Attach your brand to the energy & enthusiasm of our events, invite your network to attend, and make an investment in the youth of our city. Learn more.



Action Teams are groups of 15-20 students who work together to lead their peers with an assembly, school-wide fundraising campaign and service project. Your sponsorship makes this happen! Learn more.

Host an Event to Highlight GA

As you host events to take care of your vendors, customers, clients, etc., bring Generation Alive in as a non-profit organization to highlight. 

Donate a Portion of Sales

Do you sell a product or service? Whether on a specific day or continually throughout the year, donate a portion of your sales to Generation Alive. We’ll work with your team to help with any & all marketing needs to ensure this is a successful campaign. 

Match Employee Contributions

Build generous employees who recognize the importance of giving back by matching their contributions to Generation Alive and other incredible non-profits. 

Fundraising Jar at Your Business

Let your employees, customers & vendors know who you support & give them an opportunity to give as well. We bring the branded jar. You put it in a visible spot. 

Have an idea not on this list?

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Partner With Us


In today’s fast-paced corporate world, true team cohesion can be challenging to attain. Generation Alive offers a unique solution that combines team building, community service, and a powerful experience employees will remember. We’ve taken the spirit and success of our school youth food packing events and tailored them for your business. 

What is the Corporate Engagement Experience?

We’ve taken the spirit and success of our school youth food packing events and tailored them for corporations. This is a 2-3-hour immersive experience crafted to:

  • Build Stronger Bonds: Build meaningful cross-department relationships through collaborative exercises designed to promote teamwork.
  • Ignite Compassion: Discover more about Generation Alive’s mission and vision, and deepen the sense of empathy within your team.
  • Serve Together: Roll up those sleeves and pack meals for those in need. As your team unites to combat hunger, witness camaraderie and cooperation in action.
  • Find Joy in Giving: Amidst the activity, there’s also joy, laughter, and fun—a chance for your team to unwind and enjoy.
  • Community Impact: Beyond team benefits, make a tangible difference in your community. Each meal packed is a beacon of hope.

The Investment and Impact

At a nominal cost of $1.00 per meal packed, most corporations opt for packing 10,000 meals. This investment not only serves as a catalyst for team growth but also directly aids those less fortunate. Every meal packed is a step towards a hunger-free community.

Why Engage with Generation Alive?

  • Unique Team Building: Diverge from the standard team-building experiences and offer something genuinely transformative.
  • CSR Goals: Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals in a hands-on, engaging manner.
  • Promote Corporate Values: Demonstrate your company’s commitment to community, compassion, and collaboration, both internally and externally.

Generation Alive invites corporations to experience a day of profound connection, personal growth, and community impact. Let’s pack meals, make memories, and move towards a brighter, hunger-free future together.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact Generation Alive at