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Message from our CEO


After nearly 6 years, I have decided to pursue a new career opportunity with Numerica Credit Union. It is honestly a little surreal to write these words.

My time at GA has been nothing short of amazing, in every sense, as the organization and its impact have grown in ways that continually humble and amaze me. I’m so proud of what we’ve created…the team, board, partners, and kids in our community. Through the hard work of so many, GA has exceeded my wildest expectations at every turn!

Though I had hoped to leave my mark on this organization forever, the opposite has happened. GA has left its mark on me in a way I cannot put into words. I’ve daily had the chance to work with a ridiculously talented team, in a setting that exudes collaboration, creativity, and compassion. I am sincerely grateful for the privilege I’ve had to lead such an amazing organization and meet so many wonderful people along the way.

Please trust that this decision was not an easy one and that I leave GA with a deep belief that we’ve built something that will stand the test of time and affect lives in ways that we can only imagine. As we embark on a search for my successor, I will transition to a supporting role, working with the organization to ensure that we find the best possible person to continue the legacy that we’ve started. During this time I ask for your prayers and assistance in helping us find the best person to lead Generation Alive into its future successes.

Though the leadership will change, the objective remains the same – helping kids to realize their capacity to create change and find a purpose beyond themselves. There will always be needs in our world and therefore, the need for compassionate people who respond to them!


Marty Gonzales