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Moving a Generation to Act

Sympathy + Action = Compassion

GA takes kids through a unique 6-step process, empowering kids to see the needs in their community and respond to these needs.

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1. GA Interns

Our interns don't fetch coffee - they develop the next generation of thinkers, leaders and doers. These high school and college aged students commit to a 6-month program; developing critical thinking, leadership and public speaking skills while leading GA's programs in schools.

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2. Action Team

Action Teams represent the rising generation of student leaders! They work with GA staff and interns, leading their peers through GA's programs.

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3. Assembly

Action Team students participate in leading an inspiring assembly, sharing what they've learned and encouraging their peers to respond.


4. Fundraising

Each student is challenged to spend 4 weeks fundraising to achieve a school wide goal. Every cent raised is used to fund the school's service project.

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5. Group Service Project

Action Team students lead their peers in a group service project. We currently offer three key programs:

Something to Eat challenges kids to respond to the local need of hunger and poverty. Students package thousands of meals which are distributed to local food banks. (14-weeks)

Defend Free- Anti-Human Trafficking challenges kids with an opportunity to respond to human rights issues by packing bags filled with basic necessities. (14-weeks)

Defend Free- Homelessness shines a light on the gravity of homelessness in our community. We offer virtual (4-week), hybrid (4-week) and in-person (14-week) programs, each ending with a group service project packing bags filled with basic necessities.

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6. Compassion Challenge

Action Team students identify their own personal passions for service and complete their Compassion Challenge by serving at least two hours impacting a need around them- anything from feeding the homeless, to walking animals and assembling bikes for homeless children (pictured here).

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